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Australia is so vast, there is a need for sleds to be built in different areas. This is necessary for the development of the sport. The above link gives some idea of the measurements for a sled. These are a  guideline. At the moment there is only one sled on the Eastern side of Australia which can handle Modified tractors.

The cost of moving this sled to distant pull centres is a limiting factor to the growth of the sport.

If there is any organization or business who would like to gain more information about sleds please contact me and I will pass along more information.

Moblie 0429 015220

Email: jobbo


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High octane intensity explodes into Quambatook on Easter Saturday as the power hungry modified tractors and trucks blast their way down the track on a mission towards the ultimate ‘Full Pull’ at the 39th Australian Tractor Pull Championships.

Competitive pulling isn’t just watched it’s experienced! Sight! Sound! Action! Diesel fuel, and the giddy expectation of an anxious crowd... this spectacle feeds an addiction.
Any tractor pull may be called the ultimate contest between the proverbial immovable object and the irresistible force, but at Quambatook Easter Saturday 4th. April 2015, driven by competitive spirit and brute force, horsepower is king when the tractor is hooked.
As competitors take off the rev limiters, scream the RPM’s and push their equipment to the very edge it won’t take long for the event to “gain traction”.
The excitement commences at 1.30pm and concludes under lights approximately 10.00pm. The pulling program will commence with the vintage tractors. The 2WD & 4WD farm tractors will compete for the championship during the day.
The highly modified pulling machines will be competing non-stop on two tracks. ‘Disorderly Conduct’ is always out to prove just that. The various other exciting classes sporting all manner of power supplies, include ‘Spot On’ in the modified truck section powered by 454ci. Chev. ‘Dear Diff’ is always out to take on ‘Flat Stick & ‘Shillbrite’. The open mini class is not to be missed with ‘Iron Nuts’ sporting a Donavan 540ci. blown plant going head to head with ‘Blown Income’ which draws power from a 540ci. TFZ Hemi.
This is only a small part of the great program being offered as we come to expect the great battles in all modified classes, they just seem to get better every year. Classes will be represented by ‘After Shock’ fresh from his New South Wales championship win taking on the might of ‘Flamin Furious’, ‘Rival’ and ‘Success 11’. In the Mini class you will see the twins Jack & Raymond with ‘Little Willie’ take on’Fresh Dirt’ with only cm’s separating these two competitor during the season.
An evening tea break approximately 6.30pm allows spectators a chance to “share the passion” of these mighty machines with the teams. But the activities will continue with Easter Bunny making a trackside appearance throwing out chocolate eggs for our young enthusiasts. Also you can take advantage of the many food and refreshment stalls, along with the side show entertainment for all ages.
The junior contingent will show their skills trackside during the day competing in the ‘Modified Lawn Mower’ class where the 10-16 year olds get the chance to learn the aspects of Tractor Pulling. Witness the return of the breathtaking full exciting performance by the ‘Whip Industries Minibike Team’ with their tricks and jumps as they launch through the air.
Other features of the day are a country market, carnival rides for the kids and joy flights over the town and local area. For those with diesel in their veins can wander through the modern ‘Trucking Industry’ with a fleet of trucks on display.
For those interested in the history of farming down through the decades, you will be able to meander down memory lane with the extensive display of heritage machinery on display.
The Quambatook Tractor Pull is way more than just power alone. It's creativity, team spirit and also having a good time. It’s entertainment for all the family, on and off the track.
Full catering is available throughout the day and evening, so while you’re “feeding your tractor pull addiction” you can feast on an array of delicacies. Bar facilities on site.
The purpose built Quambatook Tractor Pulling complex is renowned as the best track for competitors and spectators alike. The track side fenced hills provide the safest viewing area, bring along a rug or “decky” to enhance your days enjoyment.
A designated ‘dry area’ tops off an already brilliant atmosphere that guarantees your family a safe and relaxing day out.
Full session: $60.00 family; $25.00 adult; $10.00 children 10 to 15; under 10 free Night session only: $45.00 family; adult $20.00; Children 10 to 15 $5.00; under 10 free
Over 8 hours of Sight! Sound! Action!...make Quambatook your “Pit stop” this Easter Saturday!
No Glass Containers allowed! No pets allowed into the complex! No BYO Alcohol!
For further information contact:
Doug Carroll: 0427 346634
Kelvin Jobling: 0429 015220



Deere Express Video Clip ( FormerT&I Terminator)

The Tractor I ran for about 4 Years back about 8 yrs ago.

Friend from WA now owns it, I still seem to be turning the spanners

1.4MB image Hyperlinked

Australia's New Pro Stocker, first run in Australia at Finley



Video Clip Wicked Whitetail

Big Boys Toys

By Scott McGregor

Press Release

Publishers Address and Information

I have a copy of the book, and found plenty of interesting reading.

There is something for everyone, from the outright petrol heads to restorers, train buffs, aviators

and many more items.

It was a great honor to be selected as one of the stories, and to be in such company as others in the book.

Even if my toy was not in the book I would still say it is a great bit of reading, and just lets us know what is

out there in Australia, it would make a great Christmas Present for any bloke who loves tinkering in his shed.

Even those who don't have a shed a little insight into others shed. Also it shows how the Aussies can make

things here in their own country that is right up there with the best, some of the machines are world class.

Well done Scott. thanks for the chance of being in the book. Kelvin Jobling (jobbo)

My Current Project, Holden One Tonner

Screamer first run Video      Screamer2 video      Team dance video

Nublood Mini video       Nublood 2 video      Plumcrazy video

Video Clip ( Outlaw Mini 1987)    

The Videos have reduced in quality to allow quicker loading on slow connections.

The quadcams first outing was at the Geelong show, photos can be found in 

Gallery NO 1

Gallery NO 2

Please note these clips are prior to the Screamer being fitted with the Quad cams


Screamer Clip No 2     5.5mb Easter 2007

3.8 OUTLAW 2        4.2 mb

Flat Broke Page   Video clip (quite old)

I set up a page with some old articles etc which I have written over the years, some of the information is out of date.

It has been put there just for a read and to gain some of the history as it evolves. I will add to this as I find the files

More information can be found on my other Pages.

Australia's Home of  Tractor Pulling "Quambatook"

  Photos from Quambatook Easter Saturday 2007 *

Accommodation for Quambatook Tractor Pull

Quambatook Heritage Working Machinery Association


Warracknabeal Drag Races

Plug the Pipe Campaign

No more need it is plugged for good



Phone 0429 015220


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If there is any other  motor sport that has no outlet to the web please let me know, I will try to help you.

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Page Editor, The owner of the Outlaw Too Tractor Kelvin Jobling

Australian Tractor Pulling and Quamb

Do you want to get into Tractor Pulling?

For Sale

For Sale: "Just Add Dirt" Unlimited tractor complete pulling operation.

Tractor built by Ronnie Reed with 5 Arias engines with 4 14/71 SCS blowers & 1 magnesium Littlefield.

 Tractor has Cat planetaries with billet Humco center section, aluminum center carrier, SCS reverser w/brake,

Mico brakes, two sets Firestone of tires 30.5x32/ one set new/old style Firestone (never mounted) Parks cut tires.

Kentucky 48' x 102" van trailer w/Warn winch & living quarters, ac/h, shower, frig, microwave, stool etc.

New tires/brake chambers/brakes with only 600 miles. Needs painted or wrapped.

Have alot of spare parts, engine & drivetrain to many to list.

Will not separate. Tractor sells complete with parts with or without trailer.

Call for details. Mike Piper  618 242 0084 or  618 246 4424.